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What has been occupying me for the last few days? A new pattern, an old design. I was planning to finish the green lace this week (it’s this close) but with the miserable weather we’ve been having I decided to dig out my spring project which I had put aside in that one week of warm weather we had early this summer.

The “day or so” of work that I thought was still left in it has stretched into nearly five, and it didn’t help that I accidentally used a smaller needle for about an inch of the body and then decided it wouldn’t really show. It showed. It is however, on the home stretch and will be available to purchase from Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

What is it though? I hear you ask… well you’ll just have to pop back on Wednesday and see ;-)

Here’s a preview:


If you like cables, this one’s for you!

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…it’s 12 rounds per inch :-(

I did about 2 inches yesterday, that’s over 3,000 stitches. Emma, are you really sure you’re up for this?

Here’s a pic, to put you all out of your misery.


This was taken before the two inches of ribbing, you’ll just have to imagine that on. The sleeves will be little, I’m thinking of knitting one today to have a break from the whole ribbing thing.

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Okay, my estimate of finishing off the green monster lovely lacy thing by the end of last week was obviously hugely wrong. I have finished the lace, and am now going round and round, seemingly endlessly.

216 sts per round. 10 rounds/inch. Lucky I’m not tall.

Amazingly, I have found someone just as nutty as myself who is … get this … eager (!) to pattern test for me :-D

Sorry there’s no photos but I don’t have my camera with me. I’ll try for one tonight.

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You never know where or when it is going to strike. This time it was Friday evening, on my way to the tube. I understand now why people have huge stashes - as it was, I had to wait until Saturday when I promptly returned to Stash and denuded a certain shelf.

I swatched all day Saturday…


…and scribbled notes on graph paper…


… and made Neil measure bits of me (no I don’t have photos of that ;-) )

Today I have achieved this:


… and not much else I’m afraid - I have the bug :-D

Can you guess what it is?

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Gloriously lacy, with heel flap and toe pattern detail, these socks are definitely for display. No hiding them inside your shoes! The colour of this gorgeous hand-dyed yarn makes me think of creamy coffee, wear them next to your favourite beverage.

latte socks

Requirements: One skein Middle Earth Yarns sock yarn [420m/100g, 75%wool, 25% polyamide] colour: Cocoa Dream;1 set 2.5mm needles; stitch markers; cable needle.

Gauge: 9sts/inch in stocking stitch

Price: US$4.95

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The pattern for Monika is now up.


You can download it here:

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