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dscn1686.JPGLondon looked like it had had a bath today. Not surprising as yesterday it rained practically without stopping the entire day (occasionally the rain did stop and it hailed for a while). This morning everything was bright and sparkly and the sun shone on the daffodils.

It’s kind of weird having daffodils in┬áMarch - I’ve always thought of them as my ‘birthday’ flower as, back home, they usually start popping up towards the middle of August. Daffodils in March is just another of those ‘oh yeah, I live in London now’ things. Like buying crisps to have with your lunch and knitting on the tube instead of driving to work. I totally dig the not-driving-to-work deal by the way (lol).

And the purple sock yarn? It wriggled up from the bottom of the Lorna’s Laces delivery, chewed its way out of the plastic bag, caterpillar-humped across the shop and … fell into my bag. Would you believe it!

Actually, without going into details, I’ve been under a bit of a cloud lately and the sock yarn is a gift to self. There are few ills that purple sock yarn can’t cure.


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