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When did I last finish something? If you click on the ‘Finished objects’ category I think you get the beginning of February. Then there was Bronte’s Mitts which somehow never made it up here, you can see them over here. And I finished a pair of socks which I haven’t got around to photgraphing, oh and a teddy bear sweater (incidentally, that was for a finishing class). I guess it’s more than I think. Trouble is, a lot of things get either gifted or left at work so it seems that there’s nothing around.

I seem to be pulling in two directions at the moment between process and product. I tell myself that I’m a process knitter - I’m pretty sure I am - recent evidence being that I frogged all three balls knitted so far of the Blue Sky Shrug and started again from scratch with a completely different pattern. Hey, it’s really nice yarn to knit and I know I’m going to like this design better…

There’s such glory in a finished item though. There’s the moment of snipping the last darned-in end and smoothing it out on your lap and saying “aaaah”. Then there’s the running around to husband/flatmates/blog/forum/strangers walking past the front door saying “looky what I made!”. Then there’s the first wearing, preferably at a Stitch ‘n Bitch or other knitting-related event where you can say “What, this, yes I did make it actually, feel free to tell me how amazing I am”. All these things are really cool.

So occasionally I get a bit frustrated with my tendency to restart, unpull, deviate from and put aside for something else. Ocasionally I just want to finish something and wear it and strike it from the list. “Aha!”, you say, “Diane’s about to make a declaration not to start anything new until she’s finished some things”.

Sorry, not today. I am coming to know myself too well. Every time I make declarations they collapse into a screaming heap as soon as I walk past some Koigu. And I just bought a bamboo, koigu-sized crochet hook especially for the flight next week (just try and take that off me, go on!). Instead, I would be very appreciative of your suggestions for finding more knitting time in the day. An extra 27 hours or so would be good.

- - - -

P.S. To those of you who are becoming bored with my current Koigu obsession, I do apologise. I expect I will get over it someday.

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Hah! I didn’t go crazy on yarn! so ner to all those people who said I couldn’t do it :-D Fibre now, well that’s a whole other thing and I’m sure I didn’t make any promises…

Firstly, all my purchases fit into this bag:


Are you impressed ;-) Some people needed vacuum space bags and five suitcases to get their stash home!

The sum total of the yarn purchases: 360g of 4-ply hand-dyed pure wool for £7.20 will be a shawl some day. 


The fibre purchases:


I don’t have space to list it all here. To summarise, I bought the 300g of Shetland I wanted for my mitten project, 400g of variegated merino/silk tops, some space-dyed tussah silk and a whole stack of samples. Extra bobbins so I can spin more than one project at a time, and the book was a pressie from mum :-)

I need to get spinning!

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