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The purple socks are finished and blocking (no I don’t usually but they were all scrumply).

In the process they went in for the most-frogged-socks award but didn’t quite win a prize, the title is still held by the red trekkings which I believe are up to six frogs at last count. First frogging was for pooling, only minor but enough to annoy pernickety me and I changed to knitting alternate rows from each end of the ball. Second frogging was for pattern. As in too much pattern when you’ve broken into the second bottle of wine. I blame it all on the Badger, it was entirely her fault that I not only dropped stitches but dropped my actual knitting several times before I ripped back the little I’d done and changed to stocking stitch. Thankfully, I’d sobered up sufficiently by the time I reached the cuff to add a little pattern there.

They will be my official NYC socks so look out next week for arty pics of purple feet walking by well-known tourist attractions (such as Purl in Soho ;-))

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