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There was yarn, there were socks, there was a diminuitive, curly-haired Harlot. Much fun was had by all.

12 noon: Central Park, stalking the Yarn Harlot.

sock.JPG    sock2.JPG

Afternoon: A small quantity of yarn was purchased from the six few shops I visited: A little bit of Koigu; 2 skeins of Fibre Company Savannah DK which I’m going to fair-isle; 2 balls of silk/alpaca/cashmere from K1C2 - I’m thinking maybe Bronte Mitts; A new Go-Knit pouch and some sock yarn from Great Adirondack to go in it :-D

ny8.JPG    yarn1.JPG

yarn2.JPG    yarn3.JPG

The photo is of the Point in Greenwich Village, I also visited String, Purl SoHo, Knit 321, Stitches East and a couple of others I’ve forgotton the names of. I saw a lot of English yarns - Louisa Harding and Colinette were everywhere. Lots of the shops had a kind of funky/glamour focus and there was a distinct lack of sock yarn except for plenty of Koigu. I got to squeeze the Koigu cashmere :-D but passed on the $50 price tag. The shop assistants at Purl, String and The Point were all lovely and we had good chats about stock and trade in the yarn business.

Evening: The Represent gig was great fun, about 700 knitters showed up and the vibe was pretty wild. I managed to get 2 books (signed and dedicated!) and even Neil listened to a bit of Stephanie’s great speech (he came back a bit early) and laughed in all the right places.

The rest of the weekend was spent on pretty predictable NYC stuff. Read more over on the travel blog later tonight.


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