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yarn1.JPGYesterday, after she’d finished drooling over the new Koigu, Nathalie said, “So what are you going to make with yours?” I stared back at her blankly. “It’s Koigu. I don’t need to make anything with it. It’s just Koigu.”

Did I mention that the ‘rarely’ in ‘I rarely buy any stash without a project in mind’ applies pretty much exclusively to Koigu ;-)

However, as the potential risk of being smothered by the Koigu stash is becoming apparant, if not imminent (and I’m not the only one), I have decided to compile a list of uses for this most divine of yarns.

I will begin with what I have done with Koigu so far…

1. Little Fair Isle gift bags

2. Swallowtail shawl

3. Bronte’s Mitts

4. Crochet scarves #1 and #2

5. Take it home and put it in a vase on the bookshelf

And places I have seen Koigu used …

6. Stranded into a cardigan as an accent around cuffs and band

7. Gypsy shawl

8. Flower Basket shawl

9. Charlotte’s Web shawl

10. Socks

11. Endpaper Mitts

Please feel free to contribute, ideas that really rock my boat will receive a small prize :-D

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