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Do people really read these things?

Anyway, after being doubly tagged (thanks Michelle and Jeni ;-)) I thought I’d better get down to it so…

Seven Random Things:

  1. I currently have no pets for the first time in my life - it makes it much easier to travel.
  2. I have to have a book to read if I am eating alone and occasionally spend so long choosing that my food gets cold.
  3. Liver is one of my favourite foods (that could probably have gone in the ‘weird things’ meme).
  4. I have two brothers and one sister, I came second. One of them knits - can you guess which?
  5. I hardly watch TV but like to re-watch favourite movies dozens of times.
  6. I go weak over a Scottish accent.
  7. I work much harder if I have a deadline - this has been the case ever since primary school.

If you were to write a meme, what would you want to find out about people?

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sal.JPGThe Sunday Spin-a-Long

All you ever wanted in a spinning club!

Each fortnight (or so) I will post a tutorial introducing a new technique. Mostly, fibre used will be something you can find in your stash, if there’s something special coming up I’ll give you advance warning. No-one needs an excuse for a little stash enhancement anyway do they ;-)

You will have a couple of Sundays (or whichever day suits) to have a go at the technique, snap some snaps, and send me your feedback. Each feedback entry I receive, including a photo and brief comment, will go in the draw to win a fibrey prize at the end of the fortnight. Photos and comments will be published in a gallery so you can check out everyone else’s work!

For the grand opening: For every participant’s entry received for the first instalment of SSAL I will personally donate £1 to Tricoteuses sans Frontieres.

This is my chosen charity of the year and it will pop up every now and again in SSAL and on other places in my business. Please tell your spinning friends - I guarantee that there is much to be learned, but with no pressure, lots of fun and free goodies thrown in.

Edited To Add - I have closed comments on this post as it’s getting spammed. Feel free to comment elsewhere.

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