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Gloriously lacy, with heel flap and toe pattern detail, these socks are definitely for display. No hiding them inside your shoes! The colour of this gorgeous hand-dyed yarn makes me think of creamy coffee, wear them next to your favourite beverage.

latte socks

Requirements: One skein Middle Earth Yarns sock yarn [420m/100g, 75%wool, 25% polyamide] colour: Cocoa Dream;1 set 2.5mm needles; stitch markers; cable needle.

Gauge: 9sts/inch in stocking stitch

Price: US$4.95

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I have a few bits and pieces to share with you - nothing that really amounts to a complete post, but they all add up to one I hope :-D

We spent Sunday in Bath with my Neil’s mum and her husband. The weather was perfect and we watched the sunset from the train windows at 10pm on our way home! A bit of a change from the constant rain.


We went on a walking tour of the city, visited the Roman Baths and explored some of the parks and gardens. We ate twice ate Sally Lunn’s where the food was just awesome!



Roman spinning artifacts

- - - - -

I have another finished object:


This is my own design, using handspun BFL from Fyberspates. The pattern will be a free download from Spindle and Wheel in the next issue - out this Sunday.

- - - - -

Lindsey has nominated me for a ‘Rockin’ Girl Blogger’ award. I now officially rock! ;-) Thanks Lindsey!

I can’t remember who has not been nominated for this or not - and I know most of the people I’d like to pick are taken (like Bronte and Kay) So I’ll just make three nominations: Anne, Heather and Daisy who all regularly make me smile and feel inspired :-D You rock girls!

- - - - -

Last but not least, it’s my mum’s birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! :-D

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A little box was waiting for me at work yesterday, it contained…


Very exciting! Please admire the new business logo - Allena did it for me, working from my very unprofessional little pencil sketch. She is a genius!

I’m off now to hand out business cards to unsuspecting people in the street :-D

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Oops! I forgot to post the winner of Spin-a-Long #2 - but don’t worry, I did remember to contact her and have posted off the parcel of goodies :-D

‘It’s all in the Wrist’ winner was Lucy!

And now that I have the galleries sorted you can go check out the pics she sent in, and everyone else’s as well.

‘Crinkle Cut’ pics, ‘It’s all in the Wrist’ pics

- - - - -

I also have another FO to show you. This was secret knitting for a while, but they have been sent off to their new owner, proud mum-to-be Nic, so I can post a piccy now.


Baby washcloths for Peanut, made from DB Pure Cotton. It was lovely to knit with and I’ll definitely be making another set next time I hear of a new baby on the way!

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We left the shop at 5:05 and walked towards the cafe … then we walked a bit faster … then a bit faster … then we ran …

Then we sat completely awestruck as WEATHER happened on the other side of the window.



The street flooded completely, the deluge lasting about 15 mins. Then the sun came out and the drains did their job and by the time I finished my tea it was all gone.

I hope nobody’s yarn got wet.

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…that if you carefully work out your gauge to be 5 1/2 sts/inch, and then cast on 88sts to equal 20 inches (to the closest multiple of four), it doesn’t quite work.

Life is full of unexplained little mysteries.

Today this is going to become something:


Possibly something with a cast-on of more than 88sts.

It is handspun BFL, the last of the pile I bought from Jeni in Wales (note to self: order more!). I gave away the other two skeins, to Michelle for her birthday and to Anne as part of the Spin-a-Long prize she won. This lot is definitely staying right here with me :-D

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ssal7.jpgSSAL#3: Turkish Knot

Occasionally I get the urge to spin something that has fairly low useful value - but is really fun to do! Knot yarn looks cool, it’s not too tricky and if you can’t think of anything to make out of it you can at least leave it out on prominent display somewhere for visitors to admire.


Click here to download the full tutorial.

Pics for SSAL#2 are due to me by 9am tomorrow to be entered in the prize draw. SSAL#3 due Mon July 16th.

Supplies Checklist: SSAL#4 will be on spinning silk hankies and ideas for things to do with the yarn. Hankies are not expensive and are easy to mail order if you plan to take part (you can get them from Fyberspates). You will only need 1 or 2 to have a play, order a few more if you think you’d like to spin a useable amount of yarn.

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Because I have a wee bit of a ‘head’ today ;-)

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