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ssal7.jpgSSAL#3: Turkish Knot

Occasionally I get the urge to spin something that has fairly low useful value - but is really fun to do! Knot yarn looks cool, it’s not too tricky and if you can’t think of anything to make out of it you can at least leave it out on prominent display somewhere for visitors to admire.


Click here to download the full tutorial.

Pics for SSAL#2 are due to me by 9am tomorrow to be entered in the prize draw. SSAL#3 due Mon July 16th.

Supplies Checklist: SSAL#4 will be on spinning silk hankies and ideas for things to do with the yarn. Hankies are not expensive and are easy to mail order if you plan to take part (you can get them from Fyberspates). You will only need 1 or 2 to have a play, order a few more if you think you’d like to spin a useable amount of yarn.

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Because I have a wee bit of a ‘head’ today ;-)

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