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This is what we get up to when sheepy events are within reach :-D I took changes of clothes, and spare shoes, but amazingly the weather was fine and warm!


Jacob sheep being judged - I’d never seen sheep-judging before, it was an interesting experience.


The “Supreme Champion” class. All the ‘Champions’, the best of each breed, are compared to each other. Left to right: ?, Wensleydale (reserve champion), Southdown, Black Welsh Mountain (champion), Hebridean, Soay?, ?, Shetland, Jacob, Oxford Down. Apologies for the question marks, I’ll fill them in when I remember.


The Haul from the show: EZ’s Knitting Around, some pure silk top, camel/silk top (sooooooo soft), and a little bit of silk/angora to sample. These all came from P&M Woolcraft, who had a stall - it was great to finally meet them. A ‘Sheep Breeds’ card which incidentally, is missing most of the ones I tried to identify, but still useful.


The haul from Jan’s garage: Which proved a lot more dangerous than the show! I only got a little bit of each though - to further my education of English breeds. The black on the right is an early birthday present from Jan- the most divine curly, soft Wensleydale. It is indescribable, I’ll tell you more later, when I’ve stopped cuddling it.

Next stop, Newbury show in September!

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