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I have a sneaking suspicion that the sun has swung around a bit. Lacking any outdoor space in this flat, the kitchen window sill has always been my favoured photography spot. The last month or so, however, it seems to be getting no light. None.

In a flat with no outdoors and now no handy sunny window sill it becomes insanely difficult to take decent photographs. This is SERIOUSLY annoying me. I don’t particularly want to have to cart everything down to the park every time I need a photo for an article or tutorial. Any brilliant suggestions?

In the absence of the tutorial I was hoping to put up today (no photos), and the Spin-a-Long which I was hoping to put up today (no photos), I leave you with …



I haven’t modelled them as my pal has much bigger feet ;-)

Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura wool/bamboo; Pattern: based on one from Knitting Vintage Socks;

They are now on their way to Canada :-D hope she likes them!

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