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ssal3.jpgIf you’re a spinner, you know full well the lure of a gorgeous, hand-dyed, colourful roving. I have a few (dozen) in my stash at the moment. Although I keep buying multi-coloured roving, however, I’ve never been a fan of the barber-pole effect in hand-spun yarn and I hate it when my beautiful roving ends up being a mish-mash of all the colours once spun, sometimes simply collapsing into a grey or murky brown.

In this Spin-a-Long we look at a few different ways of tackling a space-dyed roving, all of which will produce different effects in the finished yarn.

Download Sunday Spin-a-Long #5 here


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My apologies for being late on this one, it’s been one of those weeks I’m afraid. Also, I finally did the draw for SSAL #4, the winner is Anne K :-D Congratulations!

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