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Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! Especially those who wished me more yarn in the coming year :-D

Neil just did the honours and the birthday draw winner is Melinda. Congratulations! I will be sharing fibery goodness as soon as I have your address.

Oh and I wound up the STR today :-D What shall I make? I really want to do cables (note the Stitchionary 2) but am worried that the medium weight in cables might make for too-chunky socks. Hmmm. Has anyone done it?

Excuse me now, I have to go stroke the cashmere some more.

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Why? Because through knitting one meets knitters. Almost 11 months ago we arrived in London knowing practically no-one. However, I stepped right into a crowd of ready-made friends who were warm, open-armed and generally Fab! A few of the guests yesterday were old friends from Melbourne days, a couple were relatives, but the majority by far were knitterly friends who have I met during the year either through Stash or on the Angel Yarns Forum.

Oh and did I mention that knitters (and non-knitters) are extremely generous :-D (although Kai did try to take most of my birthday presents home with her)

Socksies by Kate:


Pattern from MSKS, Yarn is from Middle Earth Yarns - the best sort! They fit perfectly and are so yummy I can’t take them off!

Yarny goodness:


STR ‘Midsummer Night’ and coordinating dishcloth cotton from Nathalie, Middle Earth Sock Yarn in ‘Aquatic’ from Cairi and the scrummiest cashmere blend by The Knittery from the lovely Kai (she tried to pinch it back again).

Bedtime Reading:


From people who know that there’s always space for one more knitting book on the shelf: Melissa and Dan, Jacqui, Kate and my Dad :-D

Other fibery stuff:


The most gorgeous hand-dyed kid mohair from Mum, Fibre from Ali and Nick, Square needles (yep square!) from Michelle, I can’t wait to try them!

Non-knitting stuff for in between (or perhaps during) knitting (All those chocolate boxes are still full. Truly. Almost…):


That football in the middle is proof of true sisterly love - Only someone from Melbourne could understand the wrench it is for a Collingwood supporter to buy Carlton merchandise.

I am off to knit and watch Grease now. The special edition came with a songbook so if you hear me singing you’ll know I’m dancing around the living room with my knitting and pretending to be Sandy :-D

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