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After a hectic no-blog week of flat-hunting and frustrations I spent the weekend demonstrating spinning at the Royal County of Berkshire Show with friend Jan - who’d also had a severely busy week. We dragged ourselves there yawning and crabby at 6:30 on Saturday morning, we spun practically all day, we were amazed at how perked up we felt on Saturday night and we both realised that if we’d just sat down during that mad week sometime and taken the time at the wheel just to chill out then life would have been peachy. Duh. We’re thinking of sticking up signs in stress-prone zones.

There were no sheep, due to foot and mouth, this made me a little sad. There were horses, and ducks, and pole-climbers though.  Fab sport pole-climbing by the way. I can’t run as fast on the ground as that guy went up the pole! If you don’t know what it is think AFL goal posts but a bit higher, two men, two harnesses for safety, grippy rubber shoes I believe on the professionals.


I learnt about a style of flat Japanese braiding which I’ve forgotten the name of, I saw a real wolf, and I finished spinning the 5g of bright pink cashmere that I bought in Wales.


Today I had intended to come home bright and early but due to the lack of one small essential item (door-key :-() I stayed at Jan’s until evening. I spent a lot of time knitting the mitten in the conservatory but also some time ripping out what I did so it still looks much the same as before.

More pics tomorrow when I have more energy, stuff I bought, progress on the mitten and the drawing of a couple of overdue prizes :-)


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