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Lots of people jog. It’s a great way to keep fit, it builds muscle strength and bone density which is said to decrease risks of osteoperosis and general decreptitude later in life. It releases endorphines too and many people swear by jogging as a means of stress-busting.

So what do severely effort-challenged people like me do then? Well, I spin. Most of the time, and if I don’t I get all cranky and grotty like last week. Please, if you see me start to snarl then throw a spindle at me.

Here’s what I spun up for the public on Saturday:


It’s BFL from Lisa Souza (yes, again - what can I say? Her stuff rocks!) in the ‘Emerald City’ colourway. I spun it at my standard automatic 2-ply gauge which was easiest when I was having to look up and talk to people a lot. It’s about a light DK and I’m guessing there’s around 200yds. The bowl was a gift to self from the woodturners across the way. Bought specifically for taking pictures of Yarn in a Bowl.

On Sunday I did a bit of fleece preparation and also finished the 5g of cashmere that was on my little Bosworth. It’s all ready to ply from the NP now but Bossie is nekkid! Any suggestions? I have some more cashmere but it’s plain white (yawn), maybe some pure silk?


I have no idea how much there will be, it took a looooong time to wind it onto the NP and it’s very fine so I’m guessing in the region of 30-40 yds. Enough to do an edging on something.

Oh, and the bone density/fitness thing? Well I’m still working on that…

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