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Who would have thought the experience would be so debilitating. I hate to bore you by harping on the whole flat-hunting thing but it’s my only excuse for being semi-missing for the last few weeks and failing to follow through on minor things like emails, prize draws and blogging (housework got completely ignored too if that makes you feel better).

After an abysmal day on Monday and a £$&*^$&* of an agent on Tuesday morning (see conversation no. 1 below but change £50 to £100) we cracked it and gave up on Bayswater altogether.

Within 24 hours we had closed on a flat in Fulham :-D

A bit further for Neil to ride to work, but not terrible, and fantastic for me - only half an hour tube or a do-able walk if I’m feeling very energetic. We’ll be moving in about 2 weeks.

Here’s a link to the property listing (it won’t work forever but it’ll be up still for a couple of days I expect)


P.S. There’s a huge lounge room with room for at least two spinning wheels :-D

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