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So, I didn’t spend the entire weekend playing with Ravelry

I might have, but in the process of uploading all the projects that I had photos of (Neil took the camera) I rediscovered the sleeping Anemoi and thought since the days are getting cooler I should get back to it.


It’s amazing what a difference a little experience makes - I started these at Christmas time and they were my first ‘proper’ colourwork project. I had trouble with tension, ripping out loads and tinkering with just about every row due to too-tight stitches. They were abandoned at the end of January as the days got warmer: one finished, one just started.

Then yesterday - whee! I’m a colourwork expert now and I knocked off the remaining 3/4 of the second mitten in a few hours :-D

What to do next?…

Maybe this?

Or this?!

Or a new design I’m tossing around in my head at the moment - all Zoe’s fault: I followed her to IKnit on Saturday cause I had nothing better to do and somehow I came home with three balls of yarn that I had no intention of buying. Hmmm.

P.S. More pictures when I have a camera again.

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