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Rav-el [rav-uhl] verb, -eling

1) To connect with friends using a knitting-centric web interface.

2) To recover lost projects and assess recent damages to bank account and storage capacity.

3) To waste a whole c–pload of time.

A whole week - ouch! is anyone still reading? Hello…..? I have nearly all my stash uploaded now though - that’s got to count for something.

I’ve done very little knitting this week, it’s been a busy one with a new edit, my first photo assignment (interesting stuff now up on the new blog over here), and organising moving stuff. Tomorrow we start packing in earnest, although really there’s not that much to pack when you move from one furnished place to another.

I have another finished object, only a sample for work so I haven’t mentioned it before, but I kind of like the way it’s turned out so I’ll put some photos up in the morning when it’s finished blocking.

No spinning either, although I’m eying off the latest instalment from the Spunky Club which is desperate to be spun up into something slinky. Must finish the edit first.

I haven’t even been near my Bloglines - I’m not sure what I’ll find there…

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