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The big project is now well underway. I figure that a new mum with one 7-year-old and one 7-day-old is not likely to be getting around to reading my blog, so I’ll happily share some photos ;-)

I chose the yarn for this blanket when I first heard that Cherie was pregnant. I knew we probably wouldn’t get more and I didn’t want a customer to grab it. It’s Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn, in the Wildflower colourway. I figured that if the baby was a boy, the little bit of blue would balance out the pink and cream. Luckily Chloe is a girl cause there’s waaay more pink in this now I come to knit it up.


When making up a pattern you need to swatch. In the case of a centre-out blanket, each swatch consisted of the first couple of pattern repeats until “hmmm… not sure that’s quite right…”. I think I started this project about seven times in all. I’m happy with it now though - the pattern’s easy to remember and rocketing along. I’m hoping to have it finished to take with me when we fly back to Melbourne in December.

- - - -

I also seem to have acquired more sock yarn. When I considered my Stash Storage Problem at Ikea two weeks ago I decided to buy small, clear plastic tubs and use one for each type of yarn. That way things are easy to find. So, one for lace, one for Koigu, one for sock, one for odd-balls etc. What? You don’t have a seperate stash compartment for Koigu? Pfft.

I quickly discovered that I had Enough Sock Yarn. This is due to the fact that I can’t get the lid on the sock yarn tub. Our new living room is pretty bare though, so I have brightened it up with artfully arranged skeins and I’m sure Neil hasn’t noticed.

Dazzle 4-ply

I did make a small note to self, however, not to buy any more until there was room in the tub. I blame Ali, who took me to IKnit last night, and Emmms, who has been raving about the Natural Dye Studio yarns for ever. See - I couldn’t help it.

Maybe I should buy another tub.

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