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Being home sick is fun for the first day or so - you can put whatever you want on TV, sleep in, knit all day. After a while though, even knitting seems less desirable (especially when all your wips except two are at work and you’re getting sick of the two).

Enter the mixing bowl.

I always try to keep everything on hand in the pantry to make choc chip something. I don’t always have eggs, but the Domestic Goddess was smiling today. I kind of used a recipe from a book I brought over from home: I didn’t have brown sugar so I used half white sugar and a big dollop of golden syrup instead, and I didn’t have coconut so I left it out. Neil doesn’t like coconut in his cookies anyway. I made sure I left in the huge chunks of chocolate though!

 I mixed in front of the TV, bowl on my lap. I’ve never had an automatic mixer and haven’t had even a hand-held electric since I moved to London. I’ve always really enjoyed the action of beating eggs, butter, sugar by hand and I’m not usually in a hurry when I’m baking. I can still remember creaming butter and sugar for my mother when I was a child. We had a pale yellow mixing bowl and I was supposed to keep going until the mixture matched the bowl.

Roll, press with a fork, set the timer for 12 minutes.

 Now I just need someone to share them with… 

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