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My dear friend Moonrani over at Teareads has tagged me for a book meme. Normally I tiptoe around these things because, as a general rule, I’m not reading what I consider a ‘real’ book and don’t want to admit it to anyone ;-)

As chance would have it though, I have been ploughing through my reading material this week (not chance really, lungs) and have picked up again a thoroughly admirable book I started a while back. This is what I’m reading at the moment:


I actually know the author through a friend and my copy is signed!

On page 161, the fifth sentence reads: “Across the mountains to the east, on the Caspian side of the Cuacasus, a similar struggle was going on against the Russians in Daghestan.”

Although it’s not the kind of book I generally read, I’m really enjoying it. Pick it up from Amazon or your local library!

Who to tag? Well, anyone who wants to really. It’s too early in the weekend to be thinking of people. Page 161, sentence number five, on whatever you’re reading at the moment.

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