Archive for November 19th, 2007

Today Kate fled from the sander and the smell of paint to knit in comfort with me and eat cookies. Sorry, there’s none left :-P

She also gave me a lesson in How To Make Your Blog Look Pretty. And there was lots of “Ark! You’ve still got your …” and “What - you don’t even know what … is!? I guess you don’t know what folder it’s in then…”

I have decided that I will regularly change the yarny picture at the top of my blog. (This will be a measure of how lazy I am feeling at any given time - note that I haven’t told you how often I am going to change it.) And I will send an Inside Loop badge to the first person to tell me what the current picture is of :-D Everyone needs a badge. (Kate, you already have 2 dozen Inside Loop badges, you can’t enter).

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