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It’s hard to relax when you’re leaving the country in 12 days. You really don’t want to know how long my to-do list is! However, I made the attempt on the weekend and went down to visit Jan who I haven’t seen in a couple of months. Not my fault, she’s been galavanting all over North America, sending me envy-inducing emails from SOAR and visiting snowy Canadian peaks. She did bring me back a little present though:


I’m tearing the living room apart but can’t find the tag that was on it. Will update later about what it is. The little cap beside it is an ingenious invention - it sits over the hook, and the elastic secures it underneath. Safe to travel.  

ETA: I found the label - it was in the bedroom. This is one of the Queen’s Scepter range of spindles from Greensleeves Spindles, it’s called Anne of Cleves. It’s a combination of Paduk, Redwood and Mahogany. Did I mention that she’s just gorgeous!

I drank in all Jan’s descriptions of classes and workshops and browsed through the hundreds of photos. We made cookies, learnt how to cook baked gammon and wandered around the village streets in the crisp country air.

I played with drumcarder and made eight of these:


It’s the baby alpaca I bought back in May at Wonderwool. The eight rolags are less than half my bagful of fleece so the rest will have to be carded by hand - or I’ll leave it till I get back from Australia! I can’t wait to spin it up but I’d be seriously deluded if I thought there was going to be time this year.

I did come back feeling rested and energised. Having a nice long lie-in on Sunday helped as I was still catching up on a lot of missed sleep from when I was ill. Now I’m plugging away at the list and fully expect hope to have everything done before we fly out!

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