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How did that happen? The other day I was in the bank having my passport copied and the girl happened to mention, “Oh yes, your visa’s fine till October…” October!! This is a two year visa - where did it go?! I mentioned the matter to my SIL last night and she was equally flummoxed. It really feels like we just arrived.

In a smidgeon more than 16 months there have been many life changes. Exactly 11 months ago I rebelled against early Monday mornings and the horror of British school children and quit teaching (I found the post I wrote that day here). It was quite a while before I stopped calling myself a teacher but it took no time at all for me to discover that I could relax, enjoy myself and really love my work as I attempt to make it as a writer/designer/anything that will bring in money.

11 months on, I am about to launch my own online publication with a dear friend, and I have managed to get myself published in print and online a few times.

I discovered I make people’s day :-D


Thank you so much Moggle and Alice!

And I can only imagine what the next 11 months will bring. I have decided to aim high - why not!

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