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With a good afternoon’s knitting today I will be able to finish the … (hah! nearly said it) that I’m knitting for a special person. I have been in a finishing kind of mood lately and at that point I will have whittled down the wips list to something almost approaching empty!

Therefore, it’s time to embark on a new project (or several) and I have the resources. Even though I have pledged to save instead of spend this year (see sidebar) I am well stocked in project ideas and have pattern/yarn pairs to keep me going for a good few months!

Here is the shortlist (in no particular order):

Central Park Hoodie stash

Venezia stash

Print o the Wave stash

Bayerische stash

Flower Basket stash

Being generally a realistic person, I feel it should be narrowed slightly further or I may be announcing my next FO in September. It’s a toughie though. These are all things I want NOW! With the exception perhaps of the Stole, which I thought I should include due to the guilt of having purchased┬áthe yarn in 2006(!) I want it, but I doubt I’ll have a chance to wear it until the posh parties come around at the end of the year. Top of my list would be Venezia but I am still waiting on a couple of colours - I could knit the hems though…

What do you think? Launch in on something big? Or knit socks while I wait for Spindrift to arrive? Is this warm spell actually spring and should I leave the CPH (which I desperately wanted all through January) for next season?

Decisions, decisions…

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