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Thank you to everyone who helped me decide, advice was pretty unvarying (except for those few who suggested I start everything at once!) And I have been enjoying Bayerische with bier and Central Park Hoodie (also with beer actually).

Here’s some progress on B:


This was a few days ago - I am now up to the heel on this sock. There is a huge advantage to having small feet!

I am on the second sleeve of the CPH, which sounds incredible except that, unlike most people, I knit the sleeves first. This is because I am way too lazy to knit a gauge swatch, I prefer to measure my first 4 inches of sleeve and rip if necessary :-P I’ve also knitted and blocked Dream in Color Classy before so I’m not embarking on this completely blind.

Beer (or Bier) incidentally has featured rather a lot in the last week, mostly if not wholly due to Alice. I have attended three secret sewing-up events and one Big Reveal at which the Socktopods handed over the blanket we made for David and Alice as a wedding gift.

Without the beer we may have needed fewer sewing-up events. Without the beer there certainly would have been fewer moustaches. Last night’s do rocked, you can see photos here.

And this is the strip I did for the blanket, also in Classy in the Deep Seaflower colourway.

One day in March

I’m still waiting on yarn for Venezia but there’s no great rush - I’d like to finish the CPH before I start it. When I have finished Bayerische I am casting on straight away for this. This is going to be the year of knitting-for-a-challenge :-D

And finally, happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks Neil xx

Valentine's 08

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