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Thank you Ali for showing me what was right in front of me. I really did deliberate for ages over a name and eventually gave up. I plucked the blog post title out of thin air without really thinking - maybe it was a suggestion straight from God. The socks are progressing well, I’m working on the heel of the first (much more done than is shown here). The pattern, which I will give in 3 sizes, is only a couple of weeks away so if you are planning to start knitting immediately now’s the time to think about yarn choices.


I am using The Knittery 4ply Sock (Merino/Cashmere/polyamide) which was very kindly donated by Alice of Socktopus specially for this pattern. The colourway is ‘Chocolate’ and is coming up beautifully in a range of lovely browns.


This yarn is on the thick side and, with the cabling, makes a very dense, cosy fabric when knitted on 2.5mm needles. Alan’s socks aren’t really destined to be worn inside shoes and will be thick and warm for the coming Australian winter. If you have other plans for your pair, I recommend selecting a lighter yarn such as Smooshy or Trekking. Both have a great range of men’s colours to choose from.


Finally, thank you so much to all the people who have already pre-ordered the pattern. Neil was rather bemused at people buying something that doesn’t exist yet - but I told him, ‘That’s just knitters.’

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