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I just spent the weekend playing with a whole hall-full of fibre! Wingham Wool Work visited Berkshire yesterday and today to run a taster session and I went along with friend Jan. For a small entry fee, visitors have the chance to bring their wheels and sample all of Wingham’s great fibres: try-before-you-buy. I’ve only just got home so I will offer photos and details of all the things I spun samples of over the next day or so.

So many ideas, so many things I could spin, tutorials to write, dyeing to do… I tried setting a budget but failed miserably of course. More later :-D

In the meantime, here’s a pic of a very fun project. (Underlining reminds me that I’m really enjoying it. Really.) One is done, the next isn’t quite cast on yet but I promise it will be. I have never suffered second sock syndrome yet, and don’t intend to start now. Anyway - I am truly enjoying this knit (most of the time).


ETA for Lucy: The pattern is the Bayerische Socks from Eunny Jang’s website.

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