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What do you take when you’re visiting an extremely fibre-friendly household for a month (possibly longer)? With all the ideas spinning around in my head I want to take everything! There’s things I need to do, things I want to do, things I kind of want to do and are half finished so I feel obligated…

Here’s the list of possibilities (in no particular order):

- The red yarn, which I will finish spinning today and want to knit into this

- The blue fibre, which I plan to make my first weaving project

- The green fibre and silk cocoons, which go together and are the next-big-exploration

- Yarn for a Very Important Sock Project

- The Having Hope socks (well of course!)

- The fibre that is currently cooling in its dye-bath and needs to be spun up and knitted for the Loop

- The blue/purple carded batt which I don’t need any time soon but is so luscious

- the beading kit which Amy sent me and I can’t wait to start (she insists there’s no such thing as too many hobbies)

- Some knit-on-the-plane socks as none of the others are going to be dpn and I have no bamboo circs

- My Central Park Hoodie, which is almost half-finished and therefore counts as practically done

- The Treenah scarf, also half finished which is conveniently a gift for someone out there

- Bayerische no. 2

I have no trouble convincing myself that I can do all this in a month. I’m just a little concerned about the capacity of my suitcase.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m visiting a sheep farm and there’s just a chance there might be something to knit out there…

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