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… and sunny B-) are you jealous? I hear it’s been snowing in London. Console yourselves with the thought that there’s no decent coffee for 300km.

Today so far, I have had breakfast (home grown eggs, and locally produced jam and bread from the farmer’s market) fed the chooks, collected eggs, admired the goats, and helped put dinner in the crockpot.

Later Margie and I will hang out while Mum takes Alan to see the orthopaedic surgeon in the next town. I had planned girly movies and knitting - Margie says however that we may be shifting pigs from the paddock to the yards. Hmmm.

Tomorrow most of the breeding sows will be going, leaving just a couple with new litters and some weaners in one shed (the young pigs being fattened up). This will take a great deal of pressure off as there is a lot of work in feeding pigs scattered all over the farm every day.

Tomorrow M and I are going to Melbourne to get a coffee, and maybe do some shopping. We’re staying a couple of days with Cherie and baby Chloe, and a couple of days with my brother Shannon. Back on Saturday, and it will only be one more week then until I come home!

I’m missing you all heaps - I pop by here to read comments occasionally but can’t really get to reading other people’s blogs much or get onto Ravelry at all. Cherie and Shannon both have broadband however - so I will do some catching up this week :-D and upload some photos!

Take care, xx

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