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Has anyone else noticed? It seems that everywhere I turn at the moment I’m seeing bumps. And no, I’m sure it’s not some weird psychological thing to do with wanting my own bump. Uh-uh. No.

Anyways, it’s not just here, but Down Under as well. Two of my friends are having babies this year and I have thus produced two little Tulips.

One in Pink:

Pink Tulip 1

For the pink baby due this month, this is Cool Fire and Pansy Golightly.

and one in Green for the green baby undetermined baby, due in October. In Happy Forest and Spring Tickle.

Green Tulip 1

Pink baby gets a cute little tie as per the original pattern:

Pink Tulip 2

Green baby gets a non-determinate kitten button and loop closure:

Green Tulip 2

I started the i-cord in the same place but continued all the way around the neck edge and then finished with about an inch extra turned and stitched down at the end.

Two great things about 2-colour Tulips: Firstly, you only have to choose two colours (if you know the DIC range you know that’s a bonus) and it’s a bit cheaper than buying the kit with all the different colours, secondly, you can run the yarn down the seams and don’t end up with a billion ends to weave in afterwards!

And a couple more pics just cause I think they look so cool.

Pink Tulip 3

Green Tulip 3

Every baby I know is now getting a two-colour Tulip, unless someone comes up with an even cooler, faster pattern.

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