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I’m not going to keep Christmas knitting/spinning secret and invisible - there wouldn’t be much left to put on my blog this year if I did! I’m just not going to tell anyone who things are for :-D Some things are going in a big pile and don’t have a name on yet, so if you think you might be on my gift list and you see something you love, wave your hands in the air.

This, however, has a destination planned. In fact, the skein of yarn has had a mental label on it for more than a year. Finally I have got around to starting.


As is the way with all lace, it looks pretty boring at the moment, so you should just admire instead the gorgeous stitch marker, from a set of four that Jen gave me on the weekend. The shawl will grow up to be a swallowtail, and I’ve just finished the bud lace section. A couple more days should have it done, and I’ll be launching into the task of spinning up several skeins of lace-weight for… some people dear to my heart :-)

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