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Trawling back through the archives I found my original list:

2 pairs handknit socks

1 handspun scarf (I have half the yarn done for this btw)

2 skeins handspun laceweight

4 skeins handspun sock

1 beaded lace Swallowtail.

See - It’s really not that long is it. And I have all the yarn except the other half of the scarf. And the stuff I haven’t spun yet…

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Hahaha! I culled it a little. And added some stuff. Apparantly making lists is pointless if your Christmas philosophy is to make stuff you like and then decide who to give it to afterwards.


2 pairs handknit socks I did one - packed and posted, replaced the other one with a woven scarf.

1 handspun scarf (I have half the yarn done for this btw) Tick :-)

2 skeins handspun laceweight Well, one of these became fingering weight for colourwork (almost done), one is going to be smoodgy DK.

4 skeins handspun sock not a chance, but two of them have been replaced with a pair of handspun somethings.

1 beaded lace Swallowtail Tick - except I did nupps instead of beads

I’ve also added to the list a pair of wristwarmers (the yarn is wound) and a crocheted hat.

One week to go.

I’m thinking about leaving the knitting lying around in the living room, with a glass of milk and home-baked shortbread beside it. For the elves you know…

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