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There seems to be an awful lot to do still, and a rapidly diminishing number of days to do it in. I haven’t started actually putting things in cases yet, but I’ve started some piles, and some lists and have a good idea in my head of what’s going with me.

The important things:



Two knitting projects, one for the plane and one for the TV. Should keep me occupied. I also have the next SoFA fibre to spin up while I’m there, and I’m taking the charkha and a pile of cotton.

I’ll also probably take this:


The latest addition to the spindle jar. It’s a Bosworth Featherweight in walnut, 14g and currently wearing a lovely cashmere pullover. I think I’d find it hard to leave behind.

To stay in touch, I’m looking into Mobile Broadband for Aus. I have too much internetzing to do to be able to manage with just a dial-up connection, but it’s dicey getting coverage in the sticks. I’ll have to check things out when I get there. I’ll be checking email regularly, and should be able to Twitter and Lingr. If I’m reduced to dial-up there will be very limited Rav though, I may have to look for an internet cafe in town to visit every so often, otherwise I’ll miss you guys too much!

Having a lazy day today with Neil, but I’ll be on Lingr tonight from 8-10pm. Slightly shorter hours, but please pop in and say hello!

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