Okay, my estimate of finishing off the green monster lovely lacy thing by the end of last week was obviously hugely wrong. I have finished the lace, and am now going round and round, seemingly endlessly.

216 sts per round. 10 rounds/inch. Lucky I’m not tall.

Amazingly, I have found someone just as nutty as myself who is … get this … eager (!) to pattern test for me :-D

Sorry there’s no photos but I don’t have my camera with me. I’ll try for one tonight.

4 Responses to “Round and round…”
  1. MoonRani says:

    Agh - - I still don’t know what you’re making! All right, all right, I’ll calm down (deep breath). I’m sticking with my (third) guess that it’s a bedjacket.

  2. Claire UK says:

    Hi Dianne, please can you email me? I seem to have lost your email addy.

  3. Chantelle says:

    I have absolutely no idea as to what you might be making so I’m hazarding a (probably completely wrong) guess at a poncho or a short cape.

  4. MoonRani says:

    Oh, Chantelle, good guess! A cape, yes!

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