I like Sundays. The whole day stretches out with no interruptions and there seems to be no end to the small tasks you can tick off one by one. So far today I have:

  • Spun the last two bobbins of ‘Deep Sea’
  • Washed my very awesome Wensleydale fleece
  • Dyed some grey Polwarth to test out oven dyeing
  • Eaten lunch
  • Chatted to family
  • Caught up on Cast-On

Some of these things, I admit were done at the same time. But hey, it’s not even half past two!

This is the ‘Deep Sea’ so far:


Once I’ve plied the last lot, I’ll finish it all together and it will packed up for a special someone with a birthday. For those of you who are equally in love, or just curious, it’s BFL dyed by Lisa Souza. Brilliant, quality fibre. Gorgeous colours. Go get some.

Propped up beside me on the bookshelf, where I can peek at it often, is this:


I’ve been in love for a while, but it wasn’t until I remembered I had this in my stash:


… that a very cool idea started to germinate. More on that when the current deadlines are met.

This afternoon? Visit to Wholefoods (aaah the joy of living within walking distance of the best supermarket in the UK); Finish (maybe) the second Sockapalooza sock; An inch or so of green ribbing in front of a movie; Who knows …

What does your perfect Sunday involve?

10 Responses to “Getting Things Done”
  1. Ali says:

    Sleeping in, a lazy lunch - depending on Nick, we could end up with a proper big Sunday lunch for two sometimes - and a good few hours on World of Warcraft. I now knit during game downtime. :P

  2. Kai says:

    Stunning yarn.. *wishing I could spin*

    Lazing around all day, enjoying the very clean house! Doing some laundry, watching Sunday TV and knitting to my heart’s content. :) Lovely.

  3. MoonRani says:

    The first and third yarns make me yearn to knit…if I knew how.

    My perfect Sunday, as it once was: attending the early church service, possibly staying for Sunday School, then off to breakfast at a cafe where I have exactly what I want. After that, a visit to the art museum, then a walk through the city market, where I can look at more artwork. In the evening, it would be off for the week’s only showing of a foreign or independent film downtown.
    This Sunday wasn’t bad, though I overslept and had little time for much. A friend dropped off a fresh doughnut before I woke. I had it later with coffee and the morning paper. Later, I ate a homemade cheese and vegetable omelet while listening to a Beethoven CD.

  4. Mum says:

    In perfect weather I went for a long walk down the creek, listened to frogs (you don’t notice they are not singing till they start again), talked to some inqisitive steers.
    Lunch, Landline, Gardening Aus, some of As Time Goes By, then planted a bed of asparagus.
    Quite a nice day, really. (that’s a quote from ATGB)
    ps oh yes, did a bit of knitting and read some.

  5. Fi says:

    I would like on with as many hours as yours seems to have! (do you get up really early or something?).

    A perfect one would involve my not having to get in the car at all, a sunny day, some enjoyable gardening (not weeding), a bit of outdoor knitting/spinning and then an early evening walk along the river. I managed to do one of those things yesterday.

    But we did go to the coast on Saturday (Dorset) which was fantastic. An almost empty beach makes me a happy woman!

  6. Diane says:

    Hehe, I do get up pretty early. I’ve never managed to develop the knack of sleeping in.

    Omelet - yum! I might just buy some eggs today…

  7. Lindsey says:

    Oh, that’s some lovely yarn you’ve spun there. Very nice! I haven’t played with my spindle much at all lately…and I need to try out my silk hankies. I’ve got to get to work on that!

    So I guess that means my ideal Sunday should include time for spinning…and knitting, of course. A leisurely brunch of some sort–I like to sit around with DH and listen to Weekend Edition on NPR while I eat. Browsing the newspaper while doing all that would be a nice luxury, too…maybe a crossword puzzle? Then nice weather for a putter in the garden (I did some work there yesterday, but it was blazing hot out–I cam in exhausted!). And a nice Sunday dinner, but with someone else to do the dishes. (We had a lovely tagliatelle with some delish sauce that simmered away all afternoon–but I still had dishes to do!)

  8. Amelia says:

    That pink yarn looks oddly familiar x

  9. Badger says:

    That deep sea yarn is very purdy indeed.

    And Sundays are for sleeping and smutting ;)

  10. Jan says:

    You are so active to say nothing of whizz kid Diane. I received instructions on how to feed and clean out six guinea pigs that I have rashly offered to look after for a neighbour. Can one spin guinea pig fur? if only they were angora rabbits. I did manage to spin some blue faced leicester (which I still think sounds like a ripe cheese) and kidded myself that I am beginning to get the hang of it. All thanks to Diane who is the most patient encouraging teacher.

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