To Me :-D

This is not going to be a long post, I have presents to open ;-)

In traditional Blog fashion I’m going to share the love with a birthday draw. Leave me a Happy Birthday comment by 9pm Monday, London time and I’ll draw a winner from the hat for a fibery prize. Don’t forget to leave me your email (it doesn’t show on the comments page).

And please can you tell it to STOP RAINING ALREADY! My picnic’s in 6 hours :-(

Oh, and the Bear Poop - it looks like bear poop (what I assume bear poop looks like anyway. It kind of looks like wombat poop actually) but tastes of peanuts, praline and chocolate :-P it helps if you shut your eyes a bit ;-)

Apparantly bears are important in Montana, and huckleberries. Sometimes the bears eat the huckleberries, inflicting moral dilemma on the local residents.

Speaking of local residents, it was Jennifer who sent me my awesome parcel and told me all about Montana and made me want to go and visit the mountains and the bears. I’m trying to hunt down her blog and will link to her when I’ve found it :-)


26 Responses to “Happy Birthday!”
  1. soo says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Fingers crossed for some picnic sunshine for you.

  2. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Hope your weather gets better - ours looks like its going to be grey and drizzly all day… again. :-(

  3. carole Key says:

    Happy Birthday

    Hope you enjoy

  4. Jeanne says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  5. Chantelle says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day and that the weather clears up. Are you picnic-ing in Hyde Park?

  6. Lin says:

    Have a super day Dianne with lots of lovely pressies!
    Best wishes xx

  7. lucy says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope the rain stopped and you had a beautiful day! :)

  8. cairi says:

    happy birthday *bounces* I cant wait to see the contents of all your squishies!!!!

    two more days till mine yay :)

  9. Anne says:

    Happy Birthday! It’s raining here now - I hope you had a contingency plan…

  10. Carrie K says:

    Happy Birthday! The bear poop sounds delicious. Montana is gorgeous. And may you get exhausted from opening all sorts of delightful presents and having a wonderful birthdya.

  11. Michelle and Nathalie says:

    Happy Birthday from Deauville. Hope you had a great birthday despite the weather.

  12. jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! bear poop?! that sounds yummy, is that weird :O) Hope the weather clears up for you!

  13. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope the weather improved - there should be laws against it raining on your birthday..

  14. Ali says:

    Hey, you! Hope the rest of your birthday was lovely! Thanks for having us.

  15. Twinkle Toes says:

    Glad to hear / see that the rain didn’t put a damper on your day!

    Happy Buffday!

  16. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day full of fun and fibre.

  17. marianne says:

    Happy birthsday, surely hope it stopped raining for your b-picnic.

  18. Melinda says:

    Happy Birthday!

  19. Mum says:

    Last week you were saying that rain making you happy was aclimatised into you. But a planned picnic is another occasion I suppose. Happy Birthday, DD1.

  20. Donyale Grant says:

    Happy birthday - I was wondering if you would mind if I use your swatch to make a button for the steek-a-long? Let me know. Thanks

  21. Diane says:

    I’d love a Steek-a-Long button! I am hopeless at buttons and meant to ask if someone could do one :-) Thanks!

  22. Kai says:

    Happy Birthday Missy… Thanks for having me along too!! :)

  23. Spinning Fishwife says:

    Happy birthday! Looks like you had a good one!

  24. Em says:

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best (weather, yarn, whatever!) for the year to come.

  25. Fi says:

    Happy Birthday :)

    (belated, I was at a very muddy festival, but it did have a knitting tent)

  26. lnedcnuroq says:

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