I’m sure my postman must think I’m carrying on some sort of underground business the way parcels keep arriving lately - little does he know, it’s just that I’m a sucker for every swap that comes along :-D

Here’s the first parcel I received in the Fiber Frenzy Swap over at Spindle and Wheel:


Heidi sent me two lovely skeins of handspun yarn, both merino; Norwegian chocolate (see how it looks unopened - that’s a trick of the camera :P); and the most beautiful stitch marker and dangly sheep thing which I will now put back on my Go Knit pouch where such things reside.

And in knitting:



7 Responses to “In the Post”
  1. Lin says:

    I like the mittens to be colours!

  2. Bronte says:

    Spindrift!! I haven’t done anything with mine other than pet it…

  3. MoonRani says:

    What a smashing color combination for the mittens!

  4. amanda cathleen says:

    fantastic package! Love the colors on your mittens to be :-)

  5. MoonRani says:

    Who’s the pup on the postcard in your photo?

  6. Diane says:

    The photo is of ‘Charlie’, a miniature pooch belonging to my swap pal - he’s sooo cute :-D

  7. YarnAddict says:

    Love the Norweigan chocolate. I grew up on that stuff. It was all my Gran would buy for us as it was pure milk chocolate she reconned it was good for you. Love it.

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