I have no idea when I’ll be back. We don’t even have a phone line yet and internet will take anywhere up to 2 weeks from when that’s installed. I will probably take my laptop in to work and use the wireless there though, so you may see me in a day or so.

More about the new flat (now that we have keys and I’ve actually seen it in detail - don’t you love the way you remember things completely wrong from the inspection, oh, and Neil hadn’t seen it at all before Friday night!)…

Pros: really close to my work; in a quiet little street but only five minutes walk from the shops and amenities of Parson’s Green Village (I didn’t pinch that from the RE site - I speak the language real well now); easy tube and/or easy ride to work for Neil - only one mile further than he’s riding now; only the afore-mentioned five minutes from the best deli in the world: Elizabeth King. I will be living there from now on. And getting fat. On Friday night we bought proscuitto, brie, cheese straws, olives (with jalapeno in them that Kai didn’t warn me about) and bread. We nearly bought cake and more cheese and little egg tart things and tins of herring and ham and grilled eggplant and biscotti and coffee and bread in a different shape and… See what I mean about the getting fat? Luckily I’ll be walking to work; There’s also a great pub with oodles of fancy beers and a Friday night barbecue.

Cons: We are really going to miss being right next to Hyde park. There are parks, but not so close and not so big and we developed quite an affection for it in the past year; No spare room, although we do have a (very uncomfortable-looking) sofa bed so you’re still welcome to come visit :-D; No dishwasher. Ouch.

I’ll take some pictures today and as soon as I’m rewired I’ll plaster them all up here for you to see.


3 Responses to “Moving Day”
  1. Lin says:

    Best of luck with the move, and I hope you settle in well.

  2. Kay Anne says:

    Good luck with the move! Being closer to work is a good thing, but I can see why you’d miss the park–Hyde Park is amazing.

  3. amanda cathleen says:

    I hope your move goes well girl! I need a snack now…

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