Yesterday the bootie fever hit me. Bronte provided me with the link to the pattern which I’d seen somewhere and forgotten, and I chose colours and whipped up the first one in a couple of hours.

Too-cute Booties

It’s so cute it’s almost sickening. Hehe. The pattern can be found here, it’s well written and has good clear pictures, I will definitely be knitting more of these.

I made only a couple of small modifications: Being a bit of a stickler for detail I didn’t like the idea of a seam at the back of the heel so when I got to the strap I worked it all in one piece, breaking the yarn and slipping the stitches across to one needle. I also made buttonholes in the straps rather than adding them afterwards. I am using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which is marginally thicker than the yarn called for so went up a needle size to 3mm.

As soon as I’ve finished the second one they’ll be in the post and hopefully will arrive before the baby does! There’s just a chance the expectant mum is reading this but don’t worry, there’s more surprise baby knits to come.

4 Responses to “Too Cute?”
  1. amanda cathleen says:

    awww, that is one sweet bootie!

  2. Jeanne says:

    So cute!

  3. Fi says:

    Very lovely :o)

    But Oh! Now there’s another thing I need to make…Also I love those little wine cork people on Saartjes blog :o) I’m thinking Christmas place markers….

  4. Kay Anne says:

    That’s so. cute.

    It almost makes me want to knit booties.

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