Does one sock count as a Finished Object? It’s definitely finished, all the way up to the top, with cast-off and ends darned in.

But I have sneaking suspicion that I have to knit the other one before I’m allowed to be smug. Oh well.

Here’s a peek:

Smooshy sock

I started the second while waiting at the doctor’s this morning - if I can manage to keep enough brain in my head I may finish it before my lungs allow me back out into normal life.

And Mum: yes - I had chicken soup for lunch and am not drinking any wine. Much. It’s only 10 degrees here you know, one needs something…

6 Responses to “One Down…”
  1. Auntie Noo says:

    ..only 10 deg here… one needs something…. That’s what God gave us hot chocolate for!!!!!!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Very pretty sock!

  3. alice says:


  4. amanda cathleen says:

    I do hope your feeling better soon! Your socks are beautiful! So are your beaded socks too, that is one of my fav stitch patterns.

  5. Kay Anne says:

    Oooh, that sock looks lovely.

    And hope you feel better soon. ._.

  6. Kai says:

    lovely sock…

    *hugs* get well soon.

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