The Smooshy socks are finished, and another pair, and I still have 35g left. As you can see, the second pair were not overly huge, but the first have quite a long cuff. Conclusion: Smooshy is great where yardage and weight are concerned.

Baby socks

It’s also absolutely gorgeous to knit with. I finished my socks within two weeks of casting on - the needles just seemed to fly and the pattern liked me. I found that the yarn was a tiny bit splitty and I switched back to regular Addis having started on Lace needles. The fabric is wonderfully soft and stretchy however and I can’t wait to cast on my next pair.

5 Responses to “Never-ending Smooshy”
  1. Kate says:

    Squeee! Tiny sockies! I agree with everything you say about Smooshy. It is a gorgeous yarn. :-D

  2. Kai says:

    aww they’re so cute! i need to get me some smooshy yarn, me thinks! :)

  3. Diane says:

    What, so you can knit baby socks? :-P What are you not telling us girl…

  4. Kay Anne says:

    Heeeeeeeee, tiny socks! =D

  5. Ali says:

    Could this mean that my tiny feet would get me a pair of regular socks and a pair of socklets? That would be uber-awesome. :)

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