This one was made up by my friend Lara…

Using your first initial to begin each answer, list:  

A favorite author: Dr Seuss
A favorite character in literature (with source): Droofus, from When Droofus the Dragon Lost his Head. Awesome book!
A favorite book:
A favorite topic in fiction: Detective fiction (of course!)
A favorite location in fiction (can be real place so long as it’s used in fiction):
A favorite place or time to read: Doona. As in, snuggled up in my… (a doona is a duvet/eiderdown in Aus)
(bonus) a favorite word: Doldrems
I can’t think, I’ll finish this later.

Anyone who wants to do this one is allowed.

2 Responses to “Moon Rani’s Meme”
  1. MoonRani says:

    Dearest Diane is never in the doldrums due to her snuggles in her doona whilst reading Dr. Suess’ latest detectve fiction.

  2. Diane says:

    Hehe :-D

    I need to finish it off though…

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