The disadvantage of being three weeks behind is that what’s currently happening tends to get overlooked. Also, it’s far easier to use ready-made, nicely lit pictures from the summer holiday than battle with the greyness here in London. Today the sun came out (!) and I quickly grabbed the opportunity to take some pictures of things which are happening right now.

I finished one of the more pressing projects I had on hand and promptly cast on for the Karenina Socks, the Socktopus club December pattern. The yarn is Knittery cashmere blend and although I’m finding it a little splitty, it’s knitting up beautifully. You can see what these are going to look like here.


Another recently begun project is causing me a bit of a dilemma. This is a dead-easy mistake rib scarf knitted with Misti Alpaca Chunky. I LOVE this yarn. It’s the third time I’ve used it, having made two quickie cowls for Christmas presents.

Forest Scarf

It’s gorgeous. It’s sublime. It’s like cuddling kittens. But, it takes at least a 6.5mm needle and I can’t stand fat needles. It takes. so. long. to make every stitch. The way I form the stitch (I’m a thrower) means that it’s quicker the smaller the needles - less movement required to get around the end of the needle tip. Yesterday I knitted 15 rounds of 2×2 ribbing on my sock in about an hour (960 sts). This scarf is also essentially 2×2 ribbing and I have done about 80 rows (2,160 sts). I estimate I’ve spent at least 4 hours on it. Gah! So, should I keep buying it?

On the spinning front: One of the Ravelry groups I’m in set angora (among other things) as a theme for January. So I’ve been picking this up every so often…


Angora/silk blend from P&M Woolcraft. It’s lovely! As long as you don’t object to being permanently covered in white fluff.

7 Responses to “Knitting (and spinning) Content”
  1. Soo says:

    That angora looks amazingly soft…. heaven!

    When I saw your comment on my Swallotail post I had to laugh because I actually think when I bought that skein of SeaSilk (from you at Stash last May) you suggested I make a Swallowtail!!! It really was like the whole world was telling me, but I refused to listen! :)

  2. Fi says:

    Ah, a fellow fat needle hater! they give me horrible hand cramps (as for the 15mm ones I’ve seen, it would be like knitting with trees).

    But if the yarn is cuddly and gorgeous then you may have to persevere - suffer for your art ;) - or learn Continental (though I can’t imagine that’s any easier on fat needles either…).

  3. Kai says:

    I agree with Fi.. all in the name of Crafting! :)

    It’s lovely yarn, you can’t really give it up..

    The Angora/Silk is looking absolutely stunning. *wants to pet it*

  4. Mum says:

    Angora as in rabbit or goat??

    Don’t scream, but would it be easier for you to use needles of half the diameter and throw the yarn round twice? ;-)

  5. Kay Anne says:

    Fat needles are evil. ._. There are some 25mm needles at the shop and they scare me–I can’t even go up past a 5.0mm without the hands protesting a great deal, and sometimes even that’s pushing it.

    Your scarf’s gorgeous, though, and I bet the yarn is divine.

  6. Carrie K says:

    Oh, pretty. Cuddling kittens? How can you resist? A big fat needle probably is a good rest of your hands occasionally, if not for your patience levels.

  7. Moggle says:

    The angora/silk blend looks gorgeous!

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