I’ve waited a long time to tell you about this one, It was submitted to a couple of places and waited a little while in the publishing queue. Finally, it came out this week in the latest issue of Yarn Forward Magazine.


The Cloche is worked from the top down and the crown increases are incorporated in the eyelet pattern. The scalloped edge is knitted sideways - a little bit like an i-cord edging but it doesn’t roll. The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Swirl DK and I had plenty left over after knitting the medium size (there are three sizes in the pattern).

The magazine picture is better than any I have, if I can get hold of it, and get permission, I’ll post it here. I might take a few more shots when my cloche comes back from the mag.

Btw, this photo is taken at Putney Burial Ground, near my work. Some people think I’m odd taking photos in a graveyard, even when they live in graveyards themselves, but it’s definitely my favourite spot for shoots!

6 Responses to “Unveiled”
  1. Kai says:

    It’s lovely!

    I’ve just checked out the other piccie on Flickr and that’s quite good too.. Love the graveyard! :)

  2. Kate says:

    You’re weird.


  3. MoonRani says:

    What a beautiful cloche! I love it! You picked a lovely place to photograph that pretty cloche, too.
    Regarding cemeteries and graveyards: one of my childhood homes was across the road from one. I have happy memories of playing there, and I still enjoy touring them. There are many quite beautiful and historic ones. I once visited one in India, and it was completely different to the ones in the USA. It was stark, located in an area of hard, dry ground where it was difficult to dig deeply. Sometimes the winds blew so that some of the graves lost tiny bits and pieces of their contents.

  4. Carrie K says:

    Beautiful cloche, Diane!

    I’m fond of cemetaries myself. They’re just so peaceful.

  5. Moggle says:

    Ooooooohhhh that’s nice. I wants one! :)
    Luckily I ordered YF yesterday

  6. Kay Anne says:

    Cemetaries are gorgeous for photographs.

    Aaaand the hat looks great!

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