The last few days have been filled with common-or-garden madness with a little knitting thrown in on the side.

I have been doing this.

I have managed a couple more pattern repeats on the Bayerische, but now my brain is way too fried for that. I’m going to drag out this tonight I think (and yes, that’s a Ravelry link and if you aren’t in Ravelry yet, why not?)

Tomorrow. Make sure you come by and have a look, you can start clicking refresh by about 9:10 :-D If it’s not up by 10am then you’ll know that something has gone pear-shaped and you should start sending a million positive vibes. (Really though, Grit and Kate are internet geniuses and they have all my trust. Don’t forget to send those vibes.)

6 Responses to “Tomorrow!!”
  1. Jen says:

    Good luck for tomorrow. The socks are looking great

  2. Kate says:

    Lightweight. I’ve just knit some more of my top secret tricky project. :-P

    What does “backup” mean again?

    * hides *

  3. Ali says:

    Good luck! I’ll be along in the evening with chocolates!

  4. Kai says:

    Squee!!! *bounces*

  5. cairi says:


  6. alice says:

    I love that sweater in the inside loop! Congrats on it all!

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