Firstly, thank you so much for all your comments on the mag. Kate and I really hoped that what we envisioned would be the kind of thing people wanted and it seems we were right for the most part. Feedback has been wonderful and inspiring and we have been trying to respond in person to as many people as we can.

We really tried to listen to potential readers and create a site that would meet the needs of people out there. We had great ideas and feedback as we were building the magazine and some of the most welcomed features (e.g. the printable pages) have been ideas from you guys out there.

We will continue to listen, and although we know we can’t please everyone all the time, we will always keep in mind that this is a magazine for you and it should reflect the needs and preferences of the public readership. So please keep in touch!

As a result of one email I received on Wednesday I headed out last night to meet up with Helda and the London Crochet Meetup group. Kate and I decided from the first that we didn’t want the mag to be exclusively for knitters and the crochet crowd has responded positively to the inclusion of their art. It was a good night, I met a lot of new people and we talked about ways that crochet’s image can (hopefully) change. Knitting still attracts flak from many sources and crocheters get at least a quadruple dose. I really hope that the Loop can help to let people know that it’s not all sparkly thread and granny squares out there (although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the awesome granny square).

In honour of the occasion (although they certainly don’t ban knitting at LCM!) I thought I’d take some crochet along and decided to start Treenah from the mag. I chose Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and I’m loving it!


I’ve just started the trellis pattern at one end - have I ever mentioned how FAST crochet is?! I’m going to be finished this one pretty soon and I’ll leave it on display at Stash for a while until it gets shipped off for an antipodean winter birthday.

I sound like I’m on a bit of a craze here I know but I have always enjoyed crochet, I have never used icky acrylic and hardly ever skinny thread. There is definitely a place for it and it deserves a better wrap than it traditionally receives. Why not dig out a hook this weekend :-)


P.S. Who’s going to be at Spinning Group tomorrow morning :-P


6 Responses to “Thank You! And a bit of hooking.”
  1. cairi says:

    the mag is great you both should be very very proud, your crochet looks amazing, I must retry it soon!

    hmmm bribing people with cake eh tut tut tut LOL ;)

  2. Kai says:

    hmmm cake. :D

    great mag from great people. Love you both.

  3. Fi says:

    Crochet IS fast! I have a couple of friends who kept telling me so and I realised it myself when I learnt to dc for a teddy bear for baby. I get a bit confused counting to stitches (more so than knitting) but I think that’s just down to inexperience!

  4. Diane says:

    It wasn’t a bribe!! More of an incentive …

  5. Moggle says:

    Oh I love that colour. Seeing the original is due to be sent off as a birthday present, I may have to make one in alpaca silk for myself :-)

  6. Lindsey says:

    Lovely Treenah! While I think I am over my fear of crochet, I still find it confusing (the differences in British and American terminology don’t help, plus I really struggle to match up pattern directions to what’s in my hand for some reason). I don’t know why this is, when I feel like a reasonably intelligent person most of the time, and have always been able to teach myself any knitting technique I want to learn. Why should crochet be so intimidating??

    Perhaps I will once again try it over my upcoming March Break. It was this time last year that I managed to figure out how to make something other than a chain, and churned out some granny squares. Perhaps I will give Treenah a try myself….

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