A few weeks ago I posted a rather cryptic message on my blog. If you didn’t see it then you can find it here. I cannot begin to thank the many people who left heart-warming comments and sent concerned emails. My mum wishes me to pass on her thanks as well for everyone’s kind words, the whole family has read your comments and feels supported and cared for.

As some of you now know, a few weeks ago my stepfather Alan was diagnosed with cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment and by the end of this month we should know more. I will be flying back to Australia soon to spend Easter and the following weeks with my family.

In times like these it is very natural for knitters to turn to their needles for comfort, strength and sometimes just to take one’s mind off things. I have felt frustrated by being so far away and unable to help in any practical way and, turning to my needles, I have found a way - doing what I most love to do.

I am working on a design for socks for Alan. The pattern will shortly be available for sale and all proceeds will be sent to support Cancer Research. It feels like a small gesture but it has the potential to make a big difference, knitters are renowned for their amazing capacity to band together and astound those who ask for help.


The first sock is coming along nicely, chocolately cables and all. I have measurements from mum, and I expect the pattern to be ready by the end of the month. If you wish, you can pre-order by using the button below. You will be sent a confirmation email and I will forward you the pattern as soon as it is ready. The pattern will be available as a pdf initially and I hope to have printed copies done later.

Pre-order the pattern for Alan’s Socks

US $4.95

Pre-order now

I need one more thing - I am hopelessly stuck on a name for this project! Please give me your ideas, I will send a free copy of the pattern (making the donation on your behalf) to the person whose suggestion I choose.

I will post regular updates here on the pattern, with a progress shot in the next few days.

Thank you!

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  1. Rikke says:

    I do hope the treatment will cure your stepfather. I have a dear friend with two small children.. she has cancer.. and there is almost no more hope for her.. she is 34 :-(

    name for the socks: hearts of hope

  2. Ali says:

    What a brilliant idea, hon!

    I think you may have already named the socks yourself, in your blog-post title: Having Hope. People knit to keep the despair and the darker moods at bay when times are hard, and the gift of knitting is always a positive one. Moreso when like yourself you’re giving people a chance to knit something that will be put towards something good.

    Much love and good wishes to your mum and stepdad.

  3. Auntie Noo says:

    No words for you sweetheart, but a great big hug to you and all yours……. and if something as small as a chance email 18 odd months ago could change your life, then all the positive thoughts and prayers heading your family’s way right now must be good for some pretty positive changes eh?

    For cabley socks…… Rope of Hope ???

  4. DaD says:

    Diane you know my thoughts are with you, Alan and your mum. Wonderful to see you doing what you can and not just wishing you could do something. That’s enough. Love you heaps. See you when you get back.

    Name for socks: Alanaid Cable.

  5. cairi says:

    hugs sweety xxx I am preordering right now! My thoughts are with you all xxx

  6. Kai says:

    *hugs* You know I’m here if you need anything. All of our best wishes for you and yours babe. xx

  7. Suse the slow knitta says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Alan and hope you get to visit soon.

  8. Wibbo says:

    I think Ali has hit the nail on the head - Having Hope gets my vote! Best wishes from t’seaside, Jan

  9. MoonRani says:

    All best hopes, wishes and prayers for Alan, your mum, you and family. I’ll spin off the suggestions so far and say, Hopes & Wishes.

  10. Lindsey says:

    Big hugs to you, and much love and prayers for you family, honey. My dad was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago as well, and has just had surgery. His prognosis is good, but it’s still a hard thing.

    I think your idea is a lovely one, and I can’t wait to see your fabulous design. I think I will knit them for my father!

  11. Fiona says:

    So sorry to hear about your stepfather . My very best wishes to you all- I’ll be thinking of you

  12. Cherie says:

    Have been wondering how things are with Alan … my thoughts are with you and the family, stay hopeful … I’m sure your visit will help a lot.

    I like your dad’s name for the pattern - Alanaid cable.

  13. Mum says:

    Thank you all for your caring and support - it does help to know so many people are thinking of us.

    Having Hope gets my vote, too. This is not just about Alan - we are living in an area where a larger than normal percentage of the population is affected by cancer.
    It is also a very big vegetable growing area, and some people are begining to question the safety of all the sprays used.
    Please buy organic - become informed about the safety and the superior nutrient values.

    thank you all again,

    (Diane’s Mum)

  14. B says:

    Wishing Diane, Heather, Diane’s sister (name I can’t recall) and more importantly Alan all the best. May God give you all extra strength during this trying time. Safe trip home Diane.

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