There’s three days to go before we publish the new issue of The Inside Loop. Funnily, it seems like only yesterday that we had months of time. Definitely some snowballing going on here.

On Thursday Kate and I got together, and for once we didn’t sit around chatting and drinking endless cups of tea as we usually do on Loop days together - it was heads down and butts up and hard work all day! We cropped photos, did last minute edits and … created the actual pages with pictures headings and all.

This is by far THE MOST exciting part of the process. When you look at the page, and click ‘preview in IExplore’ and see it there on the screen it all suddenly seems real, as if up to that point it’s all just kind of playing around with pictures and text but with no cohesion or greater purpose.

There’s great stuff coming in the summer issue, so put Tuesday in your diaries and start clicking ‘refresh’ from about 9am :-D


In between mild panic attacks I have been keeping at the dyeing. Alice and I have been going a little nuts over a new-found obsession, and luckily, we haven’t yet run out of white fibre. I plucked up the courage to start mixing dyes and have been able to crop my dye wishlist to six colours instead of circling almost everything in the 30-something range available! 


Here’s one of the rovings I dyed this week, the other one’s secret for a bit. I couldn’t get the colours right in Photoshop, the blue’s good but the green is much greener than that.

4 Responses to “Countdown”
  1. Daisy says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new issue!

  2. emmms says:

    I’ve tagged you for some meme-ing — a little distraction from all that looping. x

  3. Ali says:

    Stop! Halt! Cease and desist! I don’t have room for another hobby, dammit!

    … if I bring bakings can I come over and dye stuff, too?

  4. Tournesol says:

    Looks great!! Have you tried to add a Photo filter (green obviously) just for the green areas…? You might already have done it , but I thought I mention it just in case…

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