According to the weather report, it’s currently 22% humidity here in London. Which just goes to show that you should never trust the BBC. I swear, it’s more like 85, and although I was planning to work all day on the blue barf, I’ve finally tossed it in favour of sitting at the computer near the open window, hoping that a breeze might wander in.

There’s not much in the way of pictures to show, I have been spinning a bunch, and doing some blends, but most of it I can’t show you atm. This is a bit of what I’m working on though:

green mohair

It’s some advance mohair from mum, the kind of stuff which will be appearing in her Etsy shop later in the year. It’s great fun to spin and comes out with a gorgeous sheen! Sadly, this was all I had of this particular colour (it was a mixed bag) so I’ll be combining it with some other yarns in the project I have planned.

I also have an FO:

Fiori di Zucca

Pattern: Fiori di Zucca by the lovely Alice. It’s the June Socktopus club sock and I love it to bits! If it wasn’t such bleh stincky weather today I’d be wearing them now.

7 Responses to “Sticky Knitting”
  1. Kai says:

    oh the mohair looks lovely! And those socks are stunning… :)

  2. Moon Rani says:

    Splendid socks!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Love the socks!:-) The mohair looks great too.

  4. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    The socks are really beautiful! Also, the spinning, too! We have been having hot and humid weather here in the Boston USA area too. I don’t know which is worse - being hot and sweaty or being cold and shivering. Well, at least when it is cold you can wear your woolens!

  5. Lindsey Ligett says:

    Well, the official weather report here is 83% humidity already, and bound to get worse as the day goes on, so I can feel your pain. A little, anyway….new house = air conditioning, so I’m not too miserable inside. Stepping outside is another story, though!

    I love the mohair. Is there a link here already to your mom’s etsy shop? Although if you’re going to convince us all to buy mohair locks, then you might need to do that SSAL on them that you teased us with once upon a time. (I know you’re busy, I’m not nagging–but I miss the spin-a-longs!)

  6. Jeanne says:

    Love the handspun - great color! The socks are very pretty too - hope it gets a little cooler so you can wear them soon!

  7. DaD says:

    Sounds like it’s summer in London. Has been nice here/not. last two Tuesdays has just reached 7-8deg c. Have just finished rebuilding the hydronic heating system. It is now 75deg f throughout the house. will be nice for the rest of the winter thonk you very much. Have been out toward the Baw Baw ranges working at a house near Hillend. Glazing the back verandah. The last time we went it was snowing. Will be nice when the glass is in. The knits look very inviting. keep up the great work. (always wear two pr. of sox DaD’s law)

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